What we mean when we say ‘womxn only’


In 2018, my sister and I started a closed Facebook group that was female only. Our sisterhood now has over 7,500 members… and growing. We mean absolutely no disrespect to the dudes. Seriously. Although some of you still worry about their feelings, like this person who kindly reached out to tell us it was all deeply unfair. Until we had to remind them that, Ummm…Hey, is it?

We don’t need to imagine if there were a men only group out there… it’s already been kinda like that for so long – you know, the good ol’ boys club of… everything? And you know what, in *some* cases, that’s just fine. Because, sometimes a shared experience (whether defined by a shared gender, fantasy, or even favorite colour) makes the experience of bonding that much more worthy and intimate.

So, yes, we created a ‘female only’ group, a sisterhood if you will, where we the females could come together in a safe space to share about our erotic insecurities, questions, and confessions among sisters.

But, hold on a sec: don’t get too confused by the word ‘female’ (because we too often do!). Like we said, we’re not about the man. When we say ‘female’, we mean it in the non-male affirming way that is proud, loud, and strong: FEMXLE!

Sure, you can roll your eyes.

Or, you can consider what that means:

It means that we’re actively curating a space that is diverse and safe for anyone who identifies as femxle. It means that, while most of our group (like the general population) is admittedly CIS gendered (feMALE), we celebrate the minorities that are gay, trans, gender fluid, and even just straight up sexually confused.

We make up one whack (and terribly horny) sisterhood, for sure. And that’s the way we love it – bonded in our common desires to help empower one another sexually. (Because, let’s face it, the more sexually satisfied we are, the better off the world is. Fact.)

So, if you’re reading this and still getting major FOMO for not being allowed in our kick ass group (we sort of don’t blame you), take a chill pill and a piece of advice from our dear friend and fellow human, James.

When we asked him if it was OK if we excluded him from our group because he identified as male, James said it pretty perfectly,

Especially since men are always sending dick pics… women need a space where they can come together and be comfortable.

Amen, bro.

Yes, we’re damn tired of unsolicited dick pics. And we just want a safe space where we can be a bunch of giddy girls ruminating on our fat roles and how on Earth we’re going to cum from strictly just penetration. OK?

So if you identify as femxle, you can join our sisterhood.

But if you don’t, just chillax – the benefits of our journey to empower our sexual lives will come around to you soon enough. OK?



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