A single girl’s guide to surviving COVID



Let’s be honest, people are freaking out and they’re freaking us out. It’s hard to stay zen when the toilet paper has run out at your local grocers and you’ve just been required by the government to keep six feet away from other humans (is six feet the length of six of my feet, or more like the span of my outstretched arms?).

And the fact is that social distancing is harder on some than others. Introverts, for instance, are likely having a field day right about now with all these shutdowns and distances. Loving couples too get an extra excuse to play with one another a little longer in the mornings. These people we’re not worried about. But there is one group we do: our sisters, the single ones social distancing at home alone. We feel you. It ain’t easy putting off those online dates and your heart for who knows how long?

The good news is — there is, after all, a silver lining to everything — that being stuck at home alone isn’t all bad. Firstly, at least you’re not self-isolated with an abusive partner. Seriously. And secondly, at least while you’re distancing from others you can begin to reconnect with you. Cheesy, we know. But it’s true. So, single ladies, this list is for you.

Here are the top 5 ways to practice self-love while in self-isolation:

1. Dress the scene: Prepare your house for the most special guest to arrive… you! This tip is borrowed straight from the master of womanly pleasure herself, Mama Gena. In her book Pussy, she states that “self-care is a pathway to power.” Normally, we reserve the fine china, moody lighting, and scented treats for guests. But now more than ever is time to lay it all out just for you. You’ll be surprised how much more amazing you’ll feel cramped in your apartment when it’s clean, fresh, and sensual. Truth.

2. Play a song that lifts you outside yourself: You don’t have to be a professional dancer to move freely in the company of one. So maybe instead of binging through another podcast series, it’s time to make a habit out of swaying your hips to the beat of some musical interludes throughout the day. Our bodies need to move and feel. They need to have chemicals released and pumped through our system. And truth is, there’s only so much COVID gossip our minds can cope with. So, dance.

3. Be in the nude, as often as possible: The benefits of going bare are many fold. And for many of us just emerging out of winter, now would be the perfect time to start disrobing. Being in the nude is an instant hack to re-connecting with your body. Say Hi to her. From the extra hairs that have been left unkempt, to the folds you’ve wanted to forget. See them. See her. She craves for your attention, your permission to be free.

4. Catch glimpses of yourself in mirrors: It’s one thing to be in the nude, but a whole other thing to check your nude self out. Do it. Seriously. Normalize seeing that body of yours. Tell her nice things. Let her guide you back to you. Catching glimpses of yourself in mirrors as you walk by will start to work miracles on you, like slowly re-awakening your sensuality.

5. Dedicate more than a few hours to boosting your immune system: Orgasm. Do it often, because you can. Remember, you were literally made to orgasm again and again and again, so now’s the perfect time to take advantage of your womanly gifts. The best part is, you don’t need anyone else to get you off. Not another man, not another woman. No one but your self. “Your body is capable of experiencing ecstasy any time you wish,” as Mama Gena says it. Honour that truth. Use a toy, or just your hand, either way, allow yourself to explore just how much ecstasy you can offer yourself. Getting turned on, aroused, re-connected with your magnificent, sensual self is something you can make a daily practice of, all alone, in your own home. And if this feels too self-indulgent then keep in mind you’re doing this for health reasons. Orgasms, after all, help boost your immune system. As they say, an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. Right?

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original art by Kerry Langlois

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