Why Women Love Neck Kisses

Before you kiss us, read this please!

A kiss is innocent enough. Or at least, that’s usually how it starts. Right on the lips. Soft pecks, and if you’re feeling cheeky, a bit of tongue. But then, well then the pleasure ritual usually goes straight south from there to our other lips. Yes, the vagina. No, we’re not complaining. We all love lip-to-lip kisses 👄


Every once in a while it’s good to switch it up and toss some love to our other bits. Because, female pleasure points exist in places we often neglect. And boy, are they alive and yearning to be ignited. So, we polled a group of over 7,000 women to ask them their thoughts on kisses. We wanted to know, other than the lips², where was their favorite place to be serenaded?

The answer was overwhelmingly in favor of one specific place.

(drum roll please)

The neck!

Women Pleasure and Neck Kisses

Yeah, forgot about the neck did ya?

Well, don’t. Because, it turns out, women really, really love getting kissed there. More than the inner thighs, more than the belly, and yes, even more than the tits!


Well, there’s science behind it!

The neck is an incredibly sensitive area with tons of nerve endings. Apparently, even more than boobs (especially true for larger chested women). But we reached out to women to ask them exactly why.

Below are some of our favourite answers:

Good neck kissing is not only a thrill, but a submissive surrender to sensual delight. 


I have a spot on my neck, and if kissed right I can cum without any other physical touch. 


Neck kissing can be done any where. It ups the ante in public.


When I’m kissed on my neck, I can also hear him breathing as well as feel his breath. It’s so hot. It gives me tingles down my body to my LUCY area!


Lesson learned? Never forget about the neck kiss, please!


3 Neck kiss tips:

1) Yes, the hickie is hot. Be high school about it, bring it back into your play.

2) Kiss especially the base of the neck

3) Watch this, repeat, you’re welcome: Neck Kisses Video