Stop! You Could Be Doing Kegels Wrong…


Why is it that we spend so much of our lives working on our mindset, our biceps and our yoga flexes – but when it comes to our vaginas… well, the extent of what we know on how to tone and heal that muscle is basically limited to Kegels.

Sometime back in high school or college, amongst gossip and discussions of how child birth creates a black hole of nothingness down there, a friend let slip the “k” word.  That was all I needed, that nefarious trigger. And after some furious and secretive googling, I’ve then spent the rest of my adult life secretly squeezing and releasing amidst business meetings and at traffic lights.

Thinking all along that that’s the way you work the vagina.

When really, we’re doing it all wrong.

Not to mention the fact that Kegels do very little to address some of the all too common issues of UTI’s, having to get you to pee a million times during the night, pain during sex, prolapse and all the other wonderful stuff that can come when you’re geared with a box.

That was me a year ago. Squeezing away every other day and congratulating myself on a “tight pussy”.

But. Ever since the age of 17 I’ve suffered from chronic UTIs. If you’ve never had one before, the best way I can describe it is like  a constant need to pee and when you do it feels like a rake is being drawn across your uterus. It’s horrible. And I would have them almost every month. The worst part about the whole situation was that doctors kept telling me it was in my head – there was nothing physically wrong with me.

Not to mention the fact that I sometimes pee when I laugh ever since having my daughter three years ago (and despite doing Kegels)! Again, as far as my doctors are concerned, that’s just normal after childbirth – deal with it!

Many, many women are told this all too often.

Isa Herrera – a pelvis whisperer of sorts –  explains that it’s not necessarily the medical professionals’ fault, it’s just that female pelvic studies are still very much in their infancy and the industry just hasn’t been educated on best practices.

Isa is on a mission to change this.

When I first met her six months ago I couldn’t help but immediately blurt out all my vagina woes. 

She smiled assuredly and proceeded to inform me to stop doing Kegels at once – I was doing more harm than good. This in itself shocked me – weren’t Kegels the royalty of vagina workouts?!

I was sold! She proceeded to share with me exercises to help put a smile on the rabbit hole. 

So here’s the thing, I’ve taken a lot of trainings throughout my days. Everything from how to work a turntable through to business leadership skills. But I have never, ever, taken a training that resulted in me going into full-on unintentional masturbation sessions.

The premise of a lot of what Isa does is to discover your pelvis through massages that aim to release tension, trigger points and heal the area. For me, this somehow translated into getting extremely turned on. I’m still not sure if masturbation is a normal byproduct of doing her workouts, but I’m definitely not complaining.

Best part – I haven’t had a UTI in over six months and am happy to report I will not be using adult diapers anytime soon!

For those of you curious to explore the world down under, make sure you get into Isa’s free training HERE.

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