Is this the oldest orgasm hack?


There’s a legend about Alexander The Great that I have been unable to legitimate. As gossip has it: he denied his soldiers from touching peppermint for fear of them losing their senses and falling into some kind of sexual fury. Whether the old king did in fact decree this or not, what we do know is that in Ancient Greece this minty herb was seen as a potent aphrodisiac that could weaken men and women to their knees. 

According to old medical texts, one common remedy prescribed to a woman found suffering from “uterine melancholy” — aka a lack of dick — was to induce orgasm with peppermint. Yeah, just your casual minty medical hack. Hot.

Why should you care though?

Well, because most of us are pretty clueless when it comes to the legendary aphrodisiac potency of peppermint. Myself included. I mean – sure – I’d heard of breath mints used for oral play. Even mouthwash. Heard also of the horror stories about how these much-too-minty doses could easily burn privates to a pulp. (Speaking of, Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap should come with a serious CAUTION: do NOT apply anywhere near your orifices!). 

But, when you look into the science of it – it makes a lot of sense why Alexander The Great would ban this herb. When applied topically to the surface of the skin peppermint helps draw blood and create that tingling, cool sensation we all know too well. Especially when applied to the right bits of skin (erogenous zones that are particularly sensitive – like tits, clits, perineums, and anuses) that tingly cool is most definitely hella orgasmic. 

Truth is, I didn’t know all this before I started experimenting with peppermint essential oil. It was almost accidental, as I was mixing home-made recipes for sexual play – lubes, creams, gels – in search of something organic and clean and fresh and new. When I stumbled upon peppermint, I knew there was something there. But before finding that sweet spot, I learned two things quickly enough:

First, not all peppermint essential oils are created equally. From taste, smell, and even potency – quality is key. 

Second, clitoral burns suck. They make you walk like your crotch has been scraped clean against a tree. Damn. Many a time I’d have to let my vag heal after an experiment. 

So it took some time, but eventually I managed to refine my recipe to the point where I could comfortably orgasm again and again. Which I like to imagine is more or less the same sweet spot that ancient Grecian women had stumbled upon all those centuries ago and that prompted Alexander The Great to ban the peppermint plant amongst his troops.

What’s perhaps most interesting for me though, is that what I’ve come to see as one of nature’s most generous aphrodisiacs is curiously absent from our bedrooms. It took my adventures in home-made recipes to stumble across a powerful legend about its potency – and encourage other women to try it for themselves. 

And the consensus has been pretty unanimous. Now, unsurprisingly I’m a big preacher. Which is why my sister and I partnered together to make that same exact same recipe available for all other women out there in search of the most back-bending orgasm of their life. ‘Cause we still need to cure melancholy, stat. So why not turn to the world’s oldest orgasm hack? 




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