A feminist adult brand where everything we make is to serve her. Our theory is that the more we can make women cum, the better the world will be.

Our Mission


The Pleasurey is a safe space where womxn* can come together and help one another empower our erotic journeys.

What started as a private Facebook group of thousands of womxn from around the world, sharing and supporting one another, has grown into an open platform where we blog, speak, and thought-provoke.

Our aim?

To help every womxn empower themselves and those around them about their bodies and sexuality so that the world can be a happier, more orgasmic place.  

*Why do we write ‘womxn’ with an X? Read here.


What is Ask The Pussy Crew?


Ask The Pussy Crew is our ongoing podcast series where we invite interesting folk to discuss all things sex & sexuality. We try to address topics that aren’t your typical dinner-time talk.

You can subscribe via our iTunes or Spotify channels – or, by checking out our personal feed, here.

And, yes! We take guest suggestions. If you want to nominate someone (or yourself!) simply reach out – hello@thepleasurey.com


What is Theory of Her?


Theory of Her is how this all began. Two sisters on a mission to bring orgasmic bliss to ladies around the world ventured into the sex industry, with the humble aim of bringing all-natural, quality and beautiful products to help empower womxn in the bedroom.

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